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As an independent private school we reserve the right to charter our program which not only meets, but exceeds the Ontario Curriculum. Our enriched program includes expertise in 4 languages, two of which are distinct Heritage languages of our families. Russian is the primary and shared language, spoken by members of all families at UMCA. All students share that common bond. Hebrew is a secondary language spoken by the majority  of families represented at UMCA. We teach Russian from many sources, much of it from Russian Literature. We teach Hebrew from many sources, much of it from Hebrew Literature.

The best and most relevant  source of  Heritage Hebrew Literature is found in the Bible.   All students at UMCA are welcomed to participate in the enrichment of the Hebrew classes. No student is mandated to take Hebrew. Because it is part of our enrichment package, if a parent opts out for any reason, their child will be properly supervised within the school for the class period. There is no alternative program in place for a student whose parents have chosed to opt out, as Hebrew is offered to each student regardless of language background and the option to opt out is not the responsibility of the school. As always, it is the duty of UMCA to supervise all of our students,  at all times when they are on site.In praise of the Hebrew option however, we wish for every family to take advantage of the opportunity of students learning Hebrew while at UMCA. The wealth of this language with it’s unique construction, metaphor, simile, poetry and foundational concepts of civilization, when taught in it’s original proto-context, is a gift that any parents are highly privileged to pass on to their child. All are welcome, there are absolutely no qualitative differences between our students, of any description. UMCA is a family and a learning community where everyone is of equal value and importance.

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