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International Students


To speed up your application process, please follow the steps below.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please send an email to  tThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 1. Fill out one of these Application Forms

  • International Student Application Form (online)
  • Local Student Application Form (online)

Step 2. Pay Application Fee Online

$1500 non-refundable application fee

Step 3. Send a copy of transcripts to   tThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following steps apply to International Students only.

Step 4. Pre-admission letters to Student

The Pre-admission letters are issued after the application form and application fee are received.

Step 5. Pay Tuition

Students pay tuition as specified in the pre-admission letters. The tuition deposit fee is fully refundable if the student visa application is refused by the embassy, minus the registration fee.

Students have 3 options to pay:

1. Via UMCA web

2. E-transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (answer: Umca2018)

3. Wire transactions (see the attachment)

Step 6. UMCA Rich Tree Academy issues acceptance letter to student

After the tuition fee is received, an acceptance letters will be issued to the student.

Step 7. If the Student is under 17 years old, Umca Rich Tree Academy and the Student’s Parents Complete Notarized Custodian-Declaration Letters

Custodian-Declaration Form ( Download)

Step 8. The Student Applies for a Student Visa

Students may choose to apply for a student visa through intermediary agents or UMCA Rich Tree Academy can direct you to a licensed Immigration consultant that can help you with the process.

Step 9. Student Accommodation

If you are interested in living with a family and taking part of their daily activities, please contact our homestay service center directly at 905-763-8622. Homestay costs about $950 per month.

Step 10. Students Health Insurance

Students are required to buy Health Insurance. The insurance fee is around $500 per year. The insurance fee must be paid to the school before student arrives to Canada. The school will buy insurance for students in advance to ensure the insurance is in effect when the student arrives to Canada.

Step 11. Airport Pickup

UMCA Rich Tree Academy will meet international students at Pearson International Airport to take them to their accommodation in Toronto.

Step 12. Orientation

Orientation activities take place on first day of your arrival at the school. At this time the student will meet the principal, student advisors, teachers, and your classmates. The student will also be introduced to the school and its resources.

Step 13. English Assessment

The English as Second Language Program (ESL) has five levels starting from ESLAO to ESLEO. The school will assess the student’s English proficiency to decide which level he/she will be placed in

Tuition & Fees

Program Name Fee (Canadian Dollars)
ESL, TOEFL, IELTS English $800 per month (full time Student)

International Student Scholarships

UMCA Rich Tree Academy offers International Student Scholarships to highly qualified international students. There is a limited number of Scholarships and they are awarded on the recommendation of the program to which the student is applying. These scholarships are awarded at the time an offer of admission is made to the applicant. The stipend is up to $5,000.

International Student Services

We know it’s not easy to leave your home to study in a new country. To help you adjust to the many changes, we have developed a variety of services for international students, including: airport pick-up; an orientation to Toronto that includes walking tours of the city; peer tutors if you should need additional help with your studies; an opportunity to be matched with a senior student who can provide friendly advice on many issues; e-mail addresses for easy overseas correspondence; health insurance; counseling services; study permit renewal; work permit. U. S. Entry Visa and Immigration Application.

Study Permit

You will require a permit to study in Canada if your program of study is longer than six months. As soon as you receive your letter of acceptance you should go to the nearest Canadian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission closest to your country of residence to start the processing of your Study Permit. Processing times can take up to several months depending on your country of origin. If you are already in Canada your application cannot be reviewed within Canada it must be sent to an immigration office outside of the country.

You must provide the following:

  • Letter of acceptance from UMCA Rich Tree Academy
  • A valid passport
  • A temporary resident visa may be required
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your tuition as well as living expenses
  • Medical clearance may be required
  • Proof that you do not have a criminal record
  • A processing fee

Study Permit Renewal

If you need to renew your study permit, application forms are available in the International Student Services Office or can be downloaded from You should send off your documents no later than 6 weeks prior to the expiry date of your current permit.

US Entry Visa

To obtain a U.S. entry visa while in Canada you must make an appointment either online or via the telephone. Visit the US Consular Services site for further information regarding fees and the application process.

Student Homestay Services

If you are interested in living with a family and taking part of their daily activities, please contact our homestay service center directly at UMCA Rich Tree Academy. Homestay costs about $950 per Month.

Health Care

Medical costs are very expensive in Canada. It is mandatory that all international students studying at UMCA have access to medical services; therefore, we insure students from the beginning of the school term once it has been demonstrated that their fees have been paid.

All students are insured as single students. If you have a spouse and/or dependents you are responsible for any medical costs that they incur. We strongly advise you to pay a supplemental fee that will give them the same type of coverage you have.

Students are covered for hospital services, physician’s services, diagnostic laboratory and x-ray tests, ambulance services, vision benefit, one annual health examination, paramedical services. There are a number of other services that are outlined in the policy you will receive when you pick up your insurance package, which also contains a wallet-sized insurance card, and claim forms.

Airport pick-up

UMCA offers airport pick-up for all UMCA international students on demand.

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