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Session by Victoria Prooday Our Students Had

Dear Parents,

Our students had an exciting session by Victoria Prooday yesterday. Victoria shared with our students that life is an obstacle course game. Each one of us has a choice of running away from challenges/obstacles or dealing with challenges. By facing the challenges, we become stronger and more resilient.

Victoria discussed with the students that one of the life's obstacles is taking on responsibilities. Each one of us has responsibilities as a family member, as a student and as a citizen. Victoria explained to the students the value of self-discipline for success in life.  Victoria shared with the students research studies that prove the value of doing chores in strengthening self-discipline. Children who do chores at a young age have better work ethics skills which help them become successful adults. Victoria encouraged students to take on more responsibilities at home and discussed various ways to achieve that.   

Victoria discussed with students the importance of technology-free down time and explained them how the brain works and what impact overuse of technology has on their brain. Here are some of her suggestions:

- avoid using screens first thing in the morning as it has a negative impact on eyes and brain 

- avoid using technology an hour before bedtime as the brain needs the time to calm down before bed

- avoid using technology during meals as it is a social time to reconnect with parents

- avoid sleeping with phones next to the bed as it disrupts sleep

- recommended entertainment technology time is 1-2 hours a day

Here is a great Ted talk talking about the key factor for success in life that Victoria referenced to in her session:

Thank you,

UMCA Administration


High School - Please Read the Following Notifications

Please pay attention to the following notifications:

  1. The Calculus class from Monday and Friday morning is MOVED to Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. The reason for this change is that due to long weekends and events that took place on those dates the Calculus class is behind schedule. To catch up with the curriculum we moved the class to Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon.
  2. Graduation practice is MANDATORY for all high school students and takes place every Friday from 10:00am-11:00am, starting this Friday April 20th. Participation will be part of your mark.
  3. This Friday at 11:00am we are having a basketball game.
  4. Students who are collecting absences and lates in their classes will potentially have to make up the missed hours during our summer school program. All late arrivals are documented with the time the student entered class. Attendance is important for success with the course material, as you will not be able to understand and apply the material covered if you are not there to listen and be a part of the course delivery.
  5. All students signed a late policy and penalty form at the beginning of the semester. All students are well aware that there is a 5% deduction per day regardless of whether you have scheduled class on that day. There is a max penalty of 50% off on any given assessment. We already have a few students who have fallen into the trend of accumulating maximum late penalties. We urge you to take your studies seriously as these penalties will undoubtedly be affected your academic potential and overall success within your programs.
  6. All students signed an UMCA policy contract (the high school contract), as such everyone should be accustomed to our rules and regulations at this time. We wish to remind students that what is said in class, by classroom teachers is final. Please do not waste administration's time by attempting to weave around the rules. Our faculty are always in close communication regarding student success, and any decisions made remain final.
  7. Students have developed a bad habit of using classrooms as personal storage. Please either obtain a locker, or leave your belongings elsewhere. It is becoming extremely disruptive having students walking in and out of classrooms during regularly scheduled classes to retrieve their things. This being said, students are not permitted to interrupt classes to inquire about break periods. This behaviour is not only extremely rude and disrespectful, it is irritating to students trying to pay attention to their course delivery.
  8. UMCA holds the right to contact parents should we see necessary in regards to academic issues or overall concerns. UMCA will be contacting parents, and all individuals paying for the courses taken, regardless of student age. It is our duty to ensure your success at this school, and we will take any means necessary to make sure that happens, as your success is our main goal.
  9. UMCA continues to maintain a reputation for academic excellence within the community. We wish to maintain this reputation, as such, we will be taking all necessary action towards certain individuals who are not abiding by our policies and regulations.
  10. We have the graduation and Camp Eden Woods trip coming up within the next few months. We would like to remind students that these trips are a part of your contract signed at the beginning of the year. Please note that you must attend the graduation and the practices in order to receive your official paperwork, including transcripts and diploma. Only the school principal is permitted to give you these papers, and you must pick them up in person. This means family members and friends are not permitted to pick them up in your name. Should you not attend the graduation, you paperwork will only become available to you in the middle of August. All information about ticket pricing can be obtained from our website, or Mrs. Svetlana Pinsky.
  11. Camp Eden Woods is scheduled for June 15-17. Please see the list of items to pack posted in front of the office. The payment deadline for this trip was June 1st. There will be grad rehearsal, as well as exam prep happening at the camp, so please bring all necessary materials. We wish to reiterate that this is a dry event. Meaning no alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes (including vapes or any other "smoking" accessory) is to be brought along. We will have teachers checking student bags prior to boarding the bus (female teacher for female students, male teacher for male students). Should anything prohibited be found in the possession of a student, the authorities will be notified and actions will be taken against the individual. This is a very serious matter and we will not be taking it lightly.

We look forward to completing yet another great year and wish to congratulate all of our hard working, university bound students. The end is almost upon us!

UMCA Administration

Yom Haatzmaut at UMCA

This Thursday we will be celebrating Yom Haatzmaut, which is the day that Israel achieved its independence in 1948. Leading up to Thursday the students will be learning about Israel and its history. We will learn about the background to the Israeli flag, national anthem, national symbols, main events, technological and agricultural developments, and Israel's vast contributions to the world. 

On Thursday the students will be able to enjoy a special lunch, which will feature Israeli foods (falafel, hummus, Israeli salad). 

Science Fair is Re-scheduled for May 14th

The Science Fair that was scheduled for today is re-scheduled for May 14th. High School students’ participation and attendance is part of your ISU mark.

Thank you,

UMCA Administration


Due to the weather conditions school today (April 16, 2018) will be closed. Our children's safety is our top priority. Please stay home and be safe.

UMCA Administration

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