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Umca Facebook- We want to repair the world


Welcome to the Facebook portal of our entire community! For those of you who haven't clicked "Like" at the top of the Home Page…what are you waiting for? We can all share ideas, expertise, comments, tips, news articles, photos, you name it….it's a CONVERSATION!! The more , the better. We can learn a lot from each other. We need to build a community on Facebook to develop our new level of communication using this updated venue. Not just things connected to the school reminders, announcements, but far beyond that.   We want to repair the world and we need your good advice and ideas above and beyond the everyday school maintenance of  comments , newsletters and grades. We need vision. We welcome ideas with which  to change the world when a chance  for us  to do so comes along. We recently held a bake sale and greatly helped a family with urgent medical expenses. The gratitude of the parents was the reward! It was a fantastic opportunity to engage our students in something larger than themselves….the very thing we have been addressing as a need in our school, in order to counter the narcissism of the global culture. The older generation brings experience, wisdom and leadership. The younger generation in our community brings energy, enthusiasm and innovation. There is potential. It is possible to meet together and create a tide of change. Our youth want to be wanted. They crave our respect and approval, but they totally need our leadership and vision. There are also amazing cultural events which may not be widely known, about which anyone can make the participants on the UMCA Facebook site aware.  This has all the potential to be a wonderful community forum which will enrich everyone!  Why not just click "like" at the top of the Home page and see more for yourself…!! ONLY TOGETHER  CAN WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE…….

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