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Happy new year to all of you!

newSeason’s Greetings and Happy Holidays 2013-2014 to all of our UMCA Learning Community! Dear Parents: The first term has finished! Many hours of study and work have gone in to achieving the results you will see in your child’s report card today. When you read the Report Card results with your child it will be an opportunity to reflect on how the term has gone, and for your child to understand that learning is a process that continues throughout life. We want them to see that it is about the pursuit of excellence, made up of many steps and goals. A Report Card is not intended to be a looking- glass for our imperfections, but rather it is the mirror that tells us how much effort it really takes to reach our personal goals. The philosophy of UMCA is all about aiming at our highest performance. Every student is required to do their best at first, and then next time do even better! We want to thank our teachers for their idealism, love and dedication for their students and their subject. For every hour of teaching there is often 3 hours of prep. Much work goes on behind the scenes in order that your child can be guided along in an enriched, comprehensive learning process. None of this would be possible however, without the support of the parents. It is your attitude, endorsement, and the sacrifice of your time and money that makes it possible for your child not only to receive the best but to do the best with it. Students! The rest is up to you. You are being given a wonderful life opportunity to get the best education which will lead to many open doors for you. Your parents and teachers can do their part, but no one can do your part but you. We are cheering for you. We are all here to help. We look forward to an even greater second term where at the end we can celebrate over the results! A happy and safe holiday to all. Balance work and play so that the Winter Packages are ready to hand in on Monday January 6th. We say “Farewell” on Friday, December 20th and “Welcome Back” on Monday, January 6th, 2014. Seize the day! Keep Safe! Enjoy! With much appreciation and gratitude, UMCA Rich Tree Academy
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