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Summer First Week


Dear Parents,

The first week here at UMCA summer program was beyond exciting: it was active, artistic, and lots of fun for all of our kids. Each day we had creative and fun activities planned for the kids. These activities included sports, arts and crafts, water activities, educational readings, and other interesting activities.

On Wednesday, July 2nd, councillors Paula and Veronica did arts and crafts with the kids in the morning. In support of Canada Day, they assisted the kids in making hats and tiaras. These interesting designs were composed of various leaves and had some stickers placed on them for decoration. All the kids loved this activity and were able to demonstrate their skills in the arts and crafts by each having their own unique type of hat or tiara. Once the kids finished with their arts and crafts, Paula and Veronica took them outside to play some games and cool off at the waterpark. These kids had a great time outside and were all able to participate in activities that interested them. Once the kids got back from the outdoors, councillors Andrew and Paula took the younger and older boys to the swimming pool. The boys had a chance to relax and swim with their friends. Meanwhile, the girls were in the gym with Veronica. She led a dance class with them and taught them various cool moves. When these activities were finished, the kids all went downstairs for lunch. They had chicken soup to start and tacos to follow. After lunch, councillors Karin, Andrew and Daniel (a lifeguard) took the younger girls to the swimming pool. They all had a great time and enjoyed their time in the water. Meanwhile, the younger boys were doing arts and crafts with councillor Parmis. All the boys doing arts and crafts had the opportunity to make buckets on which they wrote their bucket list (a list of things they hope to do in life).  Once the kids finished these activities, they all enjoyed a healthy snack. All the kids were given a chance to learn about world records and cool fun facts! Then, all the boys went to gym class with Mr. B and Andrew while all the girls played fun and interesting games with Karin. During gym class, the boys had an opportunity to partake in a badminton game.  While the boys were at the gym, the girls were having a great time playing “Broken Telephone” with Karin. After the kids finished these activities, they did a swap (girls went to the gym, boys played games). During gym class, the girls participated in a badminton game with Andrew and Mr. B. Meanwhile, the boys played “7-Up!” with Karin till the end of the day.

On Thursday, July 3, the kids engaged in many fun and interesting activities. In the morning, councillors Veronica and Andrew took the kids to play at the park. They were all able to enjoy the outdoors and have fun at the playground! Later that morning, the kids took a trip to the local water park. In the vicinity of the park, the children split up into groups. Each group had a responsible counsellor that was in charge. The U.M.C.A kids are always enthusiastic about sports and the outdoors. Nearly everybody participated in a game of capture the flag and the winning team received a snack. Prizes make everything much more fun and competitive for the kids. It also encourages them to stay active. After all the excitement and commotion, it was time to cool down in a pool, but the action wasn’t over. The children worked together to assemble two teams, which would then play an intense game of water polo. The energy never seems to end at U.M.C.A even as the sun comes down. After having an incredible time at the waterpark and the pool, the kids participated in a bike ride with Sergey and Andrew.  Either Sergey or Andrew were in the front or back leading the kids and making sure there was no one left behind throughout the trip. The entire trip was a total of 9 kilometres! Throughout the trip they were able to cover 3 schools and make a circle around the park (waterpark). Once the kids came back to the school, they enjoyed a relaxing break while Sergey and Andrew took the girls for a bike ride. They took both the younger and older girls on a trip for about one hour. The entire trip was a total of 3 kilometres! The goal for Thursday is to teach these younger girls how to ride their bikes better, and therefore allow them to participate in more challenging and interesting routes. Once the kids got back, they enjoyed some warm soup followed by chicken legs, potatoes, and ceasar salad for lunch. After lunch, Karin, Parmis and Andrew took all the girls to the swimming pool. The girls were able to stay active and cool off in the water. Meanwhile, all the boys were in the gym playing basketball with Mr. B. Once having finished these activities, all the kids changed into their favourite pajamas for the pajama day party! The kids all brought the blankets and teddy bears for the party. During the party, all the kids played “Guessing Who is Under the Blanket” with Parmis and Karin. Everyone loved the game and was willing to participate! When the party was finished, all the kids changed back into their clothes and got ready for snack time. They were all given apple sauce and a banana. Once the kids finished their snack, they all played musical chairs with Parmis till the end of the day.

On Friday, July 4th the kids had an amazing opportunity to go to a farm and pick some sweet tasting strawberries! It was a huge field full of fresh strawberries and there was a great selection from which the kids could choose. The children received a basket which they filled with freshly picked strawberries to take home and enjoy with their family. They all came back with huge smiles on their faces and were very pleased with the trip and the strawberries. Right after their return, the kids enjoyed lunch. They ate borsch, followed by shawarma,  french fries, coleslaw and pickles. After lunch, the kids engaged in a beach party, where they all changed into their favourite beach clothing and brought something that makes them feel as if they’re at the beach (beach ball, beach towel). Later on throughout the afternoon, the kids will have a chance to participate in activities that include: world record trivia games; ice cream Sunday making; outdoor archery with Mr. B; dance class. All of your kids are having an excellent time here at the UMCA Summer Program and can’t wait for more weeks to come!

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