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Welcome Back to UMCA



Welcome Back to UMCA!

     We would like to take this opportunity to welcome back our wonderful parents, students and staff to another fantastic school year at UMCA Rich Tree Academy!  We anticipate this year to be a very positive experience full of unique educational programming and exceptional social activities. It is very important to review our school expectations in order for the first day and every day to run smoothly. Please be advised of the following:

•    The first day of school is on Tuesday, September 8. We ask that all students and staff arrive by 8:30am in order to get organized and ready to start the day. Please wear your UMCA hoody with UMCA shirt underneath in order to create school spirit! If you do not have a hoody, it can be purchased from Suzana for $30.  

-Each student needs to bring their own personal pencil case to school every day. Please help your child get organized the night before to ensure the pencil case is fully stocked and always includes several sharpened pencils, erasers, ruler and colouring pencils.
•    Pick up time is from 5 - 6:30 p.m. The school closes at 6:30pm and there is a $1 charge for every minute after 6:30 as per the school contract. Only a parent, grandparent or a designated person known by the school may sign out a student.
•    Every student receives a tasty, nutritious, hot lunch catered by Yummy Grill. Lunch time for grades: 1, 2, 3 is at 12:50pm and grades 4 to 8 will eat at 1:15pm. Eating together is regarded as a social activity where cleanliness, manners and pleasant conversation are expected. Playing, throwing, or wasting food is not acceptable during lunchtime. Please reinforce appropriate behavior with your child on an ongoing basis.
•    Snack time for all students is provided at 10:30am on Mondays-Thursdays.
•    Dr. Julia Robinson will be joining the U.M.C.A School as a Child Etiquette Consultant to teach Etiquette, Good Manners and Character Development to your children. Beyond on the work that Julia will be providing in the classroom, she will also be working and supervising students during the lunch break.  While the lunch hour is a fun break for children, it is also one of the few times, during the school day, that students have an opportunity to interact with their peers and adults in a real world setting.

New this year!! Starting September and throughout the 2015/2016 school year, Friday lunch meals and snacks are to be brought from home. This new arrangement is based on Julia’s recommendation and with a full support of the U.M.C.A school administration. Many parents have made the request for an opportunity that one of the school meals is different from the Yummy Grill menu and this is a chance to provide that opportunity. It is our belief that preparing together Friday lunch meals will allow parents and their children to bond better, spend more quality time together, and will give parents a great opportunity to include those things that they know that their children will enjoy. We ask that the meal and snacks are nutritious, healthy and nut free. Thank you for your co-operation.

•    Summer packages are due during the first week of school. Every UMCA student was provided a summer homework package to complete over the summer break. This work is extremely important in order for students to practice their skills while outside of school. The packages will be marked for completion by the teachers.
•    The school will be closed on September 23 in order to observe the holy Jewish holiday Yom Kippur.
•    Curriculum night is an opportunity to meet all of your child’s teachers and hear about the educational content that is planned for the year. Please ensure you are able to attend this very important event. Curriculum night for High School will be on September 9th at 7:00pm and Elementary will be on September 27th at 7:00pm.
•    We are pleased to announce that all teachers have received extensive CPR training in order to be fully prepared in a medical situation. Our staff are ready and able to serve the needs of all students should a medical issue arise.
•    It is our distinct pleasure to officially introduce Mr. Dan Zebeljan as our new Director of Education, whose primary responsibility is to head the Academy’s curriculum, oversee and support the Faculty and Students, and act as UMCA’s Public Liaison with the parents, as well as Ministry of Education Officers and other government and academic institutions. Over the past 16 years and counting, Mr. Zebeljan has served Ontario’s private elementary and secondary schools (K-12) with vision, passion and fortitude. A seasoned educator, Mr. Zebeljan specializes in advising and managing private Ontario school programs, ensuring that they meet and exceed Ontario education standards in all avenues of such endeavour; including, advanced curriculum development and implementation, as well as the very best teaching practices.  As a new member of the senior leadership team, Mr. Zebeljan will directly report to and work side-by-side with the School Principal, Mrs. Svetlana Pinsky. Enthusiastic about his new role, Mr. Zebeljan brings to UMCA Family a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing and enhancing private as well as international school programs.
•    Our school is offering a new and unique enrichment program on Sundays. There will be a wide variety of educational classes designed to reinforce and enrich the content provided at school. Please speak to the office if you are interested
•    All grade 7 and 8 students need to submit signed permission forms in order to leave the school grounds. Our older students enjoy walking outside during a break or visiting local stores, however we do require the parent’s consent.
•    Our school is intent on fostering a rich educational experience which means the use of cell phones is not permitted and will be confiscated if required. Please ensure your child leaves all electronic devices at home.
•    The school website is the main source of communication for parents where you will be continuously updated with important school news and weekly updates from all teachers. Every parent has a userid and password in order to access the site. Please inform the office if you are unable to log in and we will gladly assist you
•    Have a look at our amazing Photo gallery on the website where you can relive the moments of our school over the years. You will find the pictures under the Quick links menu of the website under “photo gallery.”
•    Communication is very important at our school so if you would like a meeting with the principal or any teacher, please inform the office. You can also contact any staff member by leaving a personal message through the school website.


Thank you for your continued support in our school and we look forward to seeing you all on September 8.


UMCA Administration

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