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Our homework policy

Dear Parents,

We would like to explain our homework policy very clearly for all parents and students to avoid any confusion. Please read the following letter to understand exactly what is expected from students and parents.


Homework is an essential part of a student’s academic career that promotes responsibility, studying and organization. 
-Every Wednesday, there is a new homework message posted on the UMCA website from all teachers. This means that , you can start completing work at home with your child. If there is an English spelling list to study for example, this can be started , not at the last minute . 

-Some teachers are sending home big packages of work (in math class for example). This does not mean the entire package is due for homework. The package may be 40 pages but only 1-2 pages are expected to be completed for homework that week. This is why parents must read the instructions on the website.

-The website is the main source of communication and it is the parent’s responsibility to read every course update once a week. It is not enough to just read the agenda since students may not write down exact instructions.

-If your child does not have a certain class on Monday, then homework can be completed  if the class is on Tuesday. 

The role of parents:

Parents play a powerful role as facilitators as they oversee homework, check it, and make sure it has been done properly before it is sent back. Remember that these exercises help students to reinforce and practice the knowledge learned along the first term of school. The purpose of homework serves as self-discipline and reinforcement of the course material. While we want our students to have an enjoyable weekend, they need to be responsible and find time to complete the assignments. The homework should never be left to the last minute. It could be completed during the week at various times or on the weekend. 

If you are ever unsure of what is expected for homework, you can always message the teacher directly through the UMCA website or message Svetlana. 

We truly appreciate the support of our parents to ensure homework is completed fully and accurately. 

Thank you very much for your assistance

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