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Ministry of Education Inspection/ Final Exam Schedule/ ISU Week

Ministry of Education Inspection

We wish to share with you that our school successfully passed the Ministry of Education Inspection that was conducted on Wednesday, December 6, 2017. The ministry representative spent at UMCA 6 hours, in which she met with every teacher in the school and checked every aspect of the curriculum. The inspector checked all the tests, quizzes and homework each teacher gave as well as our way of documenting personal comments and events.

We are happy to say that the inspector was satisfied with how organized and well documented our system is. The comments that were given will be implemented immediately.

 Final Exams Schedule

January 22 – SCH3U/ SCH4U

January 23 – BBB4M/ CGW4U

January 24 – MPM1D/ MPM2D/ MCR3U/ MHF4U/ MCV4U

January 25 – ETS4U/

January 26 – SBI4U/ SBI3U

January 29 – ENG1D/ ENG2D/ ENG3U/ ENG4U

January 30 – CGC1D

ISU/Winter Packages

All students will be receiving winter homework packages from each teacher to complete during the winter break. Any online materials will be posted on the main page of the website under “Winter Homework.” The purpose of homework serves as self-discipline and reinforcement of the course material. While we want our students to have an enjoyable winter break, they need to be responsible and find time to complete the assignments. The homework should not be left to the last minute. It could be completed during the week at various times or on the weekend. Students need to prioritize time during the break to sit in a quiet study area and complete their work properly and with care. We appreciate the support of parents to ensure that students are very organized and complete all homework on time. The due date for all winter homework is on Monday, January 8, 2018.

UMCA Administration

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