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A Letter to the UMCA Community

We write this letter to the UMCA community during a solemn time of reflection. As everyone is aware, we have lost our dearest friend, a beloved teacher, the Principal of our Preschool, and Co-Founder of UMCA, Zarina Aksmanov. While she is no longer with us, we can be assured that her endearing spirit, love of children, and vision for UMCA endures, unchanged.

For many months, the entire UMCA family battled alongside Zarina, always hopeful that she would be granted a miracle, enabling her to continue being an irreplaceable part of our lives. Her loss is  tragic, and without question, extremely difficult to accept. Be assured that as we move forward to ensure UMCA's continuing strength and educational excellence, we will neither forget Zarina, nor change our founding vision.

Zarina's legacy continues to live in the fabric of UMCA's vision, a dream which began 15 years ago. As a school with the comparable age of an adolescent; we are exceedingly proud of having created a welcoming and positive educational environment, supportive of parents, our children, and the entire community. What we have accomplished cannot be undone.

 At this time, we wish to reassure everyone that a) the school is in exceptionally good fiscal shape and, b) that we will not be replacing Zarina with another Principal. Svetlana will cover preschool while Suzana will attend to the schools' relationship with parents, and manage finances and administration. Additionally, as our pre-school is the basis of our ongoing business, we remain committed to maintaining small class sizes, ensuring a high teacher/student ratio.

UMCA began as a dream with a clear vision to provide students with the best and most professional educators in an environment optimized to educate their minds, bodies and spirits. As we begin 2018, our entire team of incredible teachers are committed to maintaining all school routines, structures and procedures. 

Presently, we have plans to design, plant and dedicate a memorial garden in Zarina's name. Her life      was one of grace, beauty and constant growth that was shared by her loved ones, friends and students. In this spirit, Zarina's memorial garden will be a lasting tribute to her vibrancy, compassion and immeasurable contributions to the entire UMCA community.    

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