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UMCA's High Standards & Growing Reputation for Excellence


Over the last 10 years a large number of private school's have opened in the Toronto Area. Unfortunately, many of these schools are not committed to providing an excellent education and preparing their students for the future. The sad truth is that these schools are mostly interested in the business of education, which means that their goal is to make a large profit. These are the schools where marks are not earned honestly. Most importantly, these are the schools whose marks are no longer trusted by Universities. Students who take courses at these schools are gambling with their future.

UMCA is different! We not only meet the strict standards of the Ministry of Education, but we surpass them in every discipline that we teach, within every aspect of our teaching staff and every detail of our first-rate facilities. At UMCA, our reputation for honesty and integrity is our greatest honour. Marks at UMCA are earned based on the highest and strictest standards set out by the Ministry of Education. As a result of our commitment to fair and honest marks, UMCA's reputation as a respectable and trustworthy institution grows every year. The reason why we are 100% committed to accurate assessment is so that when a top University such as the University of Toronto, Queens, Western or Waterloos reviews the marks that are given to an UMCA student, they are trusted.

As part of our commitment to providing an outstanding education, we offer a expanding range of courses amongst a diversity of disciplines. In addition to our preeminent English program, which has continues to grow, we offer a large range of Maths, Science, Geography, History & French classes. Specialized courses in World History, Public Speaking and Drama are also offered. At UMCA we also recognize that preparing students for university and the future requires that our programs grow and respond to the changes in our technologically oriented world.

 As a final note, I wish to share with you some dramatic changes that have occurred in the expectations of Universities. In the past, high marks alone were enough to gain entrance into top programs.  For many university programs, this is no longer true. Universities and University Departments including Business, Science, Maths & Engineering are now seeking well-rounded students who, in addition to high marks, have strong English skills, experience volunteering in their communities, a mature understanding of the world, and strong social and emotional intelligence. These qualities are now tested in applications that are far more rigorous than in the past. Thankfully, UMCA's thematic curriculum and focus on a holistic education, which goes above and beyond the expectations of the Ministry of Education, has enabled our students continued success. That said, competition both in Canada and internationally to gain entrance into Canadian universities continues to grow.  All parents are advised to plan far ahead, and be aware that top students in even the most expensive private schools across the country are enrolling in extra programs to gain a competitive edge over other students. Indeed, taking extra courses in addition to what is offered in schools has become a common practice.

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