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Manners Assembly


On April 16, the school held a special Manners Assembly led by Mrs. Van Weert.

For grades 1-4, we began with a discussion about the historical importance of “dinner time.” This was often the place for children to learn how to behave properly from both parents. Nowadays, the family dynamic has changed. Parents often work late and some children would rather watch television instead of having meaningful discussions with family. The sacred “family dinner time” may not take place as often as we'd like. Now more than ever, children need to understand what it means to be civil in our society. Parents and teachers need to work together to continue to explain to children what it means to have manners.

In our assembly, we talked about respect. What does it mean to be respectful to teachers, to parents and to ourselves? Students even asked themselves questions to reflect if they honestly are respectful in school and at home.

There was a time for deep reflection to think about how we need to respect our mothers. Mothers are often the ones who need the most respect from their children for the constant care, love and attention they provide their children.

Each student needs to take the time at home to write a written reflection about what it means to be respectful. This is an at home assignment for students to complete by themselves. Mrs. Svetlana expects each student to take this opportunity to write honest answers and understand the importance of this topic. The due date is May 1.

Here are some points that we have discussed in class about being respectful. Students can add their own examples to their reflection.


Respectful at Home

Respectful at School

-helping out with chores

-raising your hand without interrupting

-having table manners, chewing food with mouth closed, sitting properly, no slurping

-listening to the teacher carefully and following instructions quickly

-saying please and thank you

-working quietly

-listening to parents and obeying

-keeping hands to yourself

-no arguing

-walking through the hallways

-cleaning room

-using good table manners during lunch, eating all the food on the plate

-asking parents if they need help

-playing nicely with others during outdoor time

-speaking in a kind tone of voice

-following all the rules in the class


Thank you


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