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Homework Policy

Every new school year, we like to refresh our UMCA Learning Community as to our policy on Homework.

First we would want to restate our policy on what we believe homework is, then say what it is not.

At UMCA we take great pride in our high quality delivery of curriculum. Every year we refine it, and our individualized  teachers take ongoing professional development in order to optimally deliver it. The ongoing clincher of the delivery of curriculum is the Homework piece.

What it is
Lessons are sequentially planned, and carefully delivered in oral and written communication with painstaking effort to make the transfer of knowledge effective. Each week, a small sample representing the essentials of this knowledge is sent home to serve the student as a clincher on what he or she has learned that week. Parents play a powerful role as facilitators as they oversee  Homework, check it, and make sure it has been done properly before it is sent back. This applies most of all to the primary grades, and then with gradual release of responsibility,  the Intermediate and Senior grade students take responsibility for themselves.
Homework is vital feedback for teachers and gives them necessary cues for planning and assessment for your child.

What it is not
We all strive for work/life balance. We all need to put school aside and do something entirely different on weekends and holidays.  In order to put it aside we have to properly wrap it up at the end of the week. This goes for teachers as well as families.
Homework is not busy work. It is not a game we play to prove we are working harder than anyone else. It is not designed as a miserable chore to be dreaded. It is not an infringement on family time. Each teacher keeps the quantity of homework assigned to the minimum necessary to consolidate the lessons.

We have a small number of members  in our learning community who object to any homework at all.  Ironically, among those are families, some have   children who need the homework the most in order to consolidate what they learned the previous week.

Any concerns otherwise about quantity can be addressed to the subject teacher as a first step, and only following that,  Ms. Svetlana as the second step.
We hope this clarifies any questions you had on this important UMCA Policy.

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