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New Friday Lunch Program

Dear UMCA Students, Parents and/or Guardians,

As of the week of September the 8th, 2015, UMCA has decided to offer its nutritious daily menu Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, the students are asked to prepare and bring to school their own 10:00 AM Morning Snack and 1:00 PM Lunch as an exercise in maturity, responsibility, and good will.


UMCA is providing its meal program pro bono as a complementary gesture to its RichTree Family. This meal plan, conceptualized and developed by our in-house professional nutritionist, is absolutely free to our students as a gesture of good will in order to provide all UMCA students with the quality nutrition whilst they are in pursuit of quality education.

Thus, in order to honour and appease all “appetites”, UMCA has decided to proclaim Fridays as “Prepare and Bring your own Lunch Program”, where students are asked personally, with the reasonable help of their parents, to plan, prepare and bring their own nutritious lunch and one nutritious snack. This program has only three rules:

1)    Plan and prepare ahead of time (I.E., a Thursday evening before going to bed) and make sure to
do it yourself. Refrigerate it and have it ready for the morning. Put it all in your lunch box yourself! Mom or dad or another family member can only help, by supervising you and ensuring that you got everything right, but they cannot do it for you. The whole point of this program is that you do it yourself-to show some maturity and take on some initiative and responsibility.

2)    Make and pack only what you can eat. Please do not waste food. Conserving food is not only a
practical skill, but it is also a moral and ethical obligation. It teaches respect, good will and humility.

3)    Make sure that your morning snack and lunch are nutritious:
Include protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. Limit sugars only to fructose which could be found in most fruits. Fruits such as apples & pears, papayas& watermelons, bananas & strawberries make awesome morning snacks. Avoid sugary sweets, sugary drinks and/or what we call “junk food”! Be aware of calories intake and if you are not sure ask your parents or teachers to clarify it for you. Never leave a room where you went to inform yourself-uninformed- in whatever you do.    

In this manner, students have one day in a week where they can deviate off of UMCA's menu, and experiment with other tastes and kinds of food, while honing the skills of being responsible, organized and pro-active, which are the very same learning skills and work habits taught in our classrooms and assessed in provincial report cards.

We appreciate your understanding and support in this new initiative!

Best Regards,

UMCA Administration

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