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About Games Class


Games class is taught by both Andrew Glyvka and I, Eugene Sergeyev. This class is generally directed towards students at lower grades in order to not only provide them with entertainment, but also to enhance their communication skills.

Communication skills are definitely being trained as any board game or outdoor game involves the students to work together and think of strategies either individually or together in order to successfully compete in games.

We also aim to increase the strength of the friendship within the classroom environment. This naturally eliminates certain levels of bullying and discomfort in the classroom between individuals. When students are put together to play games, whether indoor or outdoor, they automatically begin acting nicer towards each other, opening opportunities to see eye-to-eye between the classmates.

This is all closely linked back to many skills that are required of anyone in the future. The earlier a child learns about behaviour around their peers and others, the easier one is able to connect, communicate and move forward in many aspects of one’s life.

Andrew and I will be there to assist in the process of this “class” and help students get along. We will provide students with various games that could partially be individual, but mainly in groups of two or more. Games will be indoor and outdoor to change it up and take full advantage of the good weather while it is present.


Thank you,

Andrew Glyvka and Eugene Sergeyev

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