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School Policy for Friday Snacks and Lunches

 Dear Parents,

 We would like to address our school policy for Friday snacks and lunches.Every Friday, students need to bring in their own healthy snack and lunch.

This provides the opportunity for your child to be involved in their own personal food selection that may not be offered during the week.

It should be viewed as a positive experience that takes careful planning and organization.

You can involve your child by having them select food at the store, help to clean and prepare it, as well as assemble their own lunchbox.

They should take pride in this weekly task that promotes responsibility and organization.

 Please remember that all snacks and lunches must be healthy and nut free. We promote nutritious food and we ask that you  do not send fried fast food with your child that they eat in front of the other children. This sets an unhealthy example and we appreciate all food to be healthy and homemade.

 Some parents have requested that the lunch on Friday be catered in from Yummy Grill as it is during Monday- Thursday.Please note that if you are interested in this option, it is up to the parents, not the school, to arrange this. We are not changing our policy of ‘bring your own healthy snack and lunch’ on Fridays. 

 You will need to place the food order with Yummy Grill on Thursday by calling them at 905-771-7747 and handling the payment. The restaurant will prepare your child’s meal and deliver it to the school every Friday by 12:30pm with your child’s name on the box.

 It is also important to note that when students attend field trips on Fridays, they must bring their own lunch since they will not be near the school for any catering.

It is a special bonus that all snacks and lunches are complimentary for UMCA students. It is not part of the tuition. The tuition costs cover education only.

If you have further questions about our Friday lunch policy, please speak to Svetlana.


Thank you

UMCA Rich Tree Academy.

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