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Speed Reading Skills

Speed reading skills at UMCA Rich Tree Academy
And here’s another reason why speed reading skills are so important.
When you’re the type of person who can easily gain knowledge, people are naturally more attracted to you.  Not so much in a physical way; but socially.  Think about it.  When you’re out somewhere, do you gravitate towards the person who’s dull and boring and has very little to say?  Or do you settle in beside the person who engages you and others with interesting tid-bits of information?
Whenever your desire starts to wane, don’t let it.  You have to stick to your guns. Like it or not, or agree with me or not, if you lack knowledge, people will exclude you.  Sadly, that’s true.  Aside from close friends and family, you might find that most people won’t want to be around you.
And here’s another reason why speed reading skills are so important.
And it gets worse than that.  If you’re a slow reader, you may be preventing yourself from attaining a position of power.
I’m going to pause for a moment and let you think about that.
Now think about this.  Reading and learning areskills. They’re not something you either get or you don’t get when you are born.  They’re learned.  And that means absent any physical or mental conditions, you have the same capacity to read and learn as everyone else in the world does.
We will help you improve your abilities by teaching you a number of exercises that are designed to help you read faster and comprehend more.
In order to achieve results, you’ll have to dedicate some time acquiring the necessary skills for speed reading.
Practice is the only way you will remember the techniques I’ve taught and it’s the only way you can improve your reading and comprehension abilities.
By taking time to practice, you will become better and faster reader.  And as a result, you will gain more knowledge.
At U.M.C.A. we take all of our subjects with great concern.
 Each subject that our students learn from adds to their growing understanding of education and life-learning skills. Each teacher gives his/her subject the utmost attention in order to make sure that students are achieving these life-learning goals.
 We also understand that in order to help students with their education we must install in them the ability to express themselves. This is why English at U.M.C.A. is so important. The English program here at U.M.C.A. gives students a strong approach to their understanding of arithmetic. Reading, writing, speaking, and communication are all observed within the course
. English teachers not only follow the expectation of the Ontario Curriculum, we also provide students with a deeper level of knowledge.
This includes teaching them to “think outside the box.”
Students are given time to analyze and incorporate their ideas into writing and speaking exercises. They are given reading material that exceeds curriculum expectation in order to help them prepare for future academics.
 We cannot stress enough how important it is for our students to read in their classes. Each week students are granted reading time that is followed by written responses to help assess their comprehension.
 Reading allows students to open up a part of their imagination that they haven’t experienced yet. With reading also comes the importance of writing. Within our English program we see the two areas as being complimentary to one another. It is so very important that students practice their writing etiquette in order to establish a solid writing style. At U.M.C.A. English is more than just writing and reading. It is more than understanding nouns, verbs, and adjectives. It is even more than being able to communicate with one another. English is also about expression. It is having a voice and being able to use it either through writing or speaking.
Teachers understand that our students have to expand in their English learning by using the language as a voice. In the words of Albert Einstein: “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
With much appreciation and gratitude,
Thank you
Mrs. Svetlana Pinsky,M.A
School Principal  
UMCA Richtree Academy, K-12
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