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Reading Technique Week

This is the beginning of Reading Technique Week(s) which will culminate in a writing competition.

Why is reading so important?

Why are using the library and taking reading classes important?

How will all these skills in elementary school affect High School success?

Begin with early reading skills:

“ Children who successfully learn to read in the early primary years of school are well

prepared to read for learning and for pleasure in the years to come. Being able to read well

means being able to think well.

Academically, they have a much easier time keeping up with their peers, and

they increasingly get ahead in other subjects. They are far more likely to have high

self-esteem, and in their high school years they are the most likely to stay in school to

acquire the skills they need to succeed in society and in the workplace.”

After high school students have to be ready for  the post-secondary expectations,  in final preparation for the workplace.

Only by having solid, reading and thinking skills,  abilities, capacities and attributes  will they be able to excel in the world outside school with its multi-leveled expectations, and for which some jobs of the future have not even been created yet.

Think and Reading Skills needed for today’s world:

  • bulletanalytical and knowledge-building skills;
  • bulletevaluative and critical thinking skills;
  • bulletcreative thinking skills;
  • bulleteffective oral and written communication skills;
  • bulletcritical and reflective reading skills;
  • bulletproblem solving and pattern intelligence skills;
  • bulletnumerical skills;
  • bulletsynthesis skills and the ability to express the results of analysis and evaluation;
  • bulletthe ability to pose meaningful questions that advance understanding and knowledge;
  • bulletthe ability to conduct research and organize material effectively;
  • bulletinformation literacy and other skills associated with learning how to learn;
  • bulletthe exercise of independent judgment and ethical decision-making;
  • bulletthe ability to meet goals, manage time, and complete a project successfully;
  • bulletself-confidence and self-understanding;
  • bulletthe ability to cooperate with others and work in teams;
  • bulleta sensitivity to individuals and tolerance of cultural differences;
  • bulletthe ability to use equipment and an informed openness to new information technologies.

We can not stress enough why parents need to support and help their child daily beginning from the earliest age, to ensure that the work that is done at school is reinforced at home and vice versa. In this way, the hopes and dreams you have for your child, and the hopes and dreams of their own, will be realized.

Be a reader yourself, share your enthusiasm for great books, well-written books, intelligent and enlightening books. Point the way for the younger generation that by being an avid reader they will learn anything they want to. They likely will not copy all of what you say when they grow up but they will copy what you do. If you talked about books but didn’t love and respect the written form, they will be careless in developing this continuous learning habit. If you highly valued reading when they were growing up  they will too. All through life  you can give books as gifts on special occasions.

This is our 2016 message of encouragement as part of our Reading Week.

Best regards,

UMCA Administration.

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