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Revitasize Juices


Dear Parents and Students,


UMCA Rich Tree Academy takes great pride in providing our students with healthy nutritious snacks and lunches. Students really enjoy their delicious hot lunch that is catered in from Yummy Grill and approved by a dietician. At UMCA, we firmly believe that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.

NEW THIS YEAR!!!! We are extremely pleased to announce that our school is now selling a wide variety of Revitasize juices in many delicious flavours.  These juices are in addition to the healthy snacks and lunches our students already receive. 

Revitasize juice is 100% pure, organic, gluten free and cold pressed. The juice will awaken your liver and help flush any toxins that accumulate overnight. You will experience higher energy levels and a clearer complexion! The benefits are truly endless. 

We would really like to encourage our high school students to make this healthy change. For many, it is convenient to just buy a Tim Horton’s coffee, however, the caffeine and sugar in those drinks does not energize your body and mind the way a Revitasize juice does. Sugar and caffeine may provide a quick boost but then you quickly crash and can become more tired. 

We invite all students and visitors to try a Revitasize juice and discover the benefits for yourself! They are available for purchase at the main entrance. Our security guard Victor will be happy to assist you.


Here’s to good health this year at UMCA!


























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