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Electronic Use and Attention

Dear UMCA Community,


As we know, we are living in a technological age where everything is just the swipe of a touch screen away. We have been noticing a trend amongst our students in which they seem to be glued to social media, be it through their phones, or through watching excessive hours of television at home. While TV can be a fun and sometimes-educational pass time, over indulging in this hobby can cause negative repercussions.


Excessive electronic use has been shown through study to:


  • Promote higher BMI indexes/obesity rates
  • Cause higher levels of fasting insulin
  • Promote smoking through behaviours seen on tv and social media
  • Cause sleep problems and disturbances (especially when electronics are used right before going to sleep in a dark room)
  • Cause internet and phone addiction (in order to always feel "connected" with latest events and trends)
  • Cause loneliness
  • Decrease/deteriorated attitude towards reading
  • Displacement of homework and studying with tv viewing
  • Aggression (both physical and psychological), involving bully like behaviour
  • Reduced creativity

A research paper outlining these results can be found in the link below. While we are in no way asking parents to bar or ban their children from watching tv, we are merely requesting that their time and exposure to this activity be monitored so as not to occur in excess, or take over from their academic obligations. We encourage our students to view educational programming, as TV can be a great visual teaching tool if used correctly.


Thank you,



UMCA Rich Tree Academy

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