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New Teachers at UMCA

Dear Parents of UMCA, There seems to be concerns among some of you about our English program next September. As you know, grades 7 - 12 will be getting new English teachers with Mr. Kim and Mr. Patrick G. Let me say that these two gentlemen will be a great addition to our school. Both have shown a lot of character and each will bring his own unique style to the classroom. Rest assured that students will continue to practice their grammar through a wide range of strategies. Mr. Kim and Mr. Patrick G. understand the importance of reading, writing, and oral communication within your child's education. Students will continue to explore new texts and apply their knowledge through different forms of writing. While I was looking over teachers, we felt that Mr. Kim and Mr. Patrick G. displayed interesting and educational lessons for the students. We are very confident that students will enjoy the pedagogic setting that each has to bring. Change and transition is not always an easy thing for young students, but it is a part of human experience to adapt to change and grow as learners. Our new teachers will offer a new dynamic and bring much excitement in the new semester. Please welcome our new faculty with open hearts. Thank you, - Mr. Patrick Dear Students and Parents, I would like to take this time to introduce you to our two new science teachers joining us in the following school year. As you are all aware, we are consistently seeking ways to improve our course delivery and curriculum structuring to best accommodate our growing student body. Our 2 new science faculty members bring a plethora of knowledge and experiences that will only serve to benefit our programming. Please know that choosing new faculty is a very detailed and time consuming project at UMCA Rich Tree Academy. It is a joint effort between teachers and administration in order to find a perfect fit for our school, our students, and our community. It is not a process that occurs over night, nor even within the same week. The right candidates are hand picked by our administration, assessed by our current staff, and finally put in front of our students for mock lessons in order to gain insight from our student body as to how they like and rate the potential new faculty member. After this laborious process is completed, another meeting is scheduled between faculty and administration in order to discuss the new candidate's potential and contributions to our school. It is with pleasure that I introduce Mr. Derrick Goffe, and Mrs. Elisa Temes Zafrilla to our faculty and science department as my replacements for next year. Mr. Derrick Goffe has over 10 years experience in teaching science at the senior level throughout the world. He is currently completing a Master's Degree in Education with a focus on practicals in the field of science. His research is aimed at making the science curriculum more hands on and relatable to students through differentiated, analytical, thought provoking activities. Mr. Derrick Goffe will be responsible for taking over senior Chemistry and Physics, as well as grade 7-10 General Science. Mrs. Elisa Temes Zafrilla holds a PhD in Immunology and is joining our team as the new senior Biology teacher for high school, as well as the general science teacher for our elementary school programming. She not only boasts a vast knowledge database in her field, she also has experience training new teachers from teacher's college in order to best serve students and provide a memorable learning experience. This is a huge improvement to our science programming and I am thrilled to have such skilled and talented replacements. While I cherish the time I spent with all of you at UMCA Rich Tree Academy and wish all of my students the best in their academic futures, I ask that you not compare me or my work to your new teachers. I can say from a professional standpoint that your science education is only being benefitted by this change in programming. You have 2 very skilled and talented individuals joining the UMCA family. I only ask that you welcome them with the same acceptance and openness that you gave me when I first started. Thank you for a wonderful 4 years, Ms. Petrovic
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