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Trip to Ryerson University

This past Thursday (May 25th) UMCA Rich Tree Academy students had the opportunity to attend Ryerson University's "Let's Talk Cancer" seminar and programming. Our grade 10 through 12 science students accompanied us on this trip in order to see not only how lectures are run in university, but also to experience hands on lab activities related to field of cancer and oncology. Our students listened to a variety of keynote speakers including:

Dawn Maracle: Indigenous Undergraduate Medical Education Program Coordinator

Dr. Imogen Coe: Dean, Faculty of Science

Dr. Brazas: Program Manager for Informatics, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Mr. Eno Hysi: Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Physics at Ryerson University. Vanier Scholar

Dr. Joe Prosper: AMGEN worker as Oncology Regional Medical Liason

Dr. Kolios: Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Ryerson University

Our students heard first hand the importance of physics, computer science, and literacy in the field of science, no matter which area they choose to focus on. They were able to learn the theoretical scholarly side of academia, as well as the corporate possibilities in these fields.

            Students listened to topics related to metastasis and how cancer functions. They also learned the new progressive techniques being used to combat cancer just as radio imaging, ultrasound vibrations, and micro bubble technology.  Students listened to new research being developed to test hours after cancer treatment whether the therapy was working and having a positive affect on the patient. Students also learned that even the same types of cancer can affect individuals differently based on a number of different factors including genetics. Therefore in creating a treatment process for a patient has to depend on the patient themselves, and not the actual cancer they harbor.

            Overall this was an amazing, extremely educational opportunity for our students and I hope they truly appreciate the caliber of material that was presented to them on this day. 

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