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How to organize a working place for school child.

How to organize a working place  for schoolchild.

There is a direct correlation between the person effectiveness and the comfort of his working space. Any work should give a pleasure, but even the most favorite and interesting one does not bring satisfaction, if you have to deal with it in an uncomfortable situation. Therefore, it's very important to carefully organize a place to work, allocate enough of space, remove all distractions, put the comfortable furniture and necessary equipment, think over the interior.

Preparing the child for school, it's important to get ready schoolbag, notebooks and beautiful uniform. Normally, parents chose them in advance with no fuss. Often the organizing of schoolchild's workplace delivers a lot of troubles. To the end that the child makes a homework with a pleasure, it's crucial to maximise the comfort of his working environment. 

  1. Choosing a desktop, pay attention to  its quality. It must be stable and strong enough, because the child will not only learn the letter, but will use it to draw, sculpt, even play. Table height  should be related to schoolchild height. For example, when the child's height is 120 cm, the desk  should not exceed 58-60 cm. It is better to choose  a table with adjustable height to don't spend an extra money in the future.
  2. Select the correct location for the desktop. The light source must be in the left side for the maximum child's convenience. It's necessary to equip the workplace with a separate table lamp to work in the evening time. A support for storing pens, pencils and other stationery must be on the table top. But it's essential to not clutter up the work surface with unnecessary items, all pins, paper-clips and other little things should be stored in a separate box. Everything that is not related to the work must be removed from the desktop. Find a better place for teddy bears, flowers and colorful stickers. If you want to decorate the workplace, it is better to choose stationery with an attractive design and bright self-adhesive stickers, to record memos. Remember that unnecessary objects are distracting.
  3. Encourage your child to keep the order from the first school days. Determine the location for notebooks, textbooks and craft accessories such as clay or albums. It is better if they will stay in  the right side of the child. If the size of the countertop does not allow to keep everything on the surface, hide unnecessary items in a special box or drawer. It is very convenient to make notes on these boxes with a description of their contents. Attach  colored stickers or tape  for writing.
  4. It's good idea to put a sheet of transparent Plexiglas on the desktop. It is convenient to store notes, theater tickets, nice cards and pictures under it. You can also place there the child's day schedule  which will educate him the responsibility and discipline. Such organization helps to keep the workplace clean, easily wiping  off dust and spilled paint.
  5. Try to resist the child's blandishments and do not buy colored tables with popular movie  characters. Explain to your child that his desk is above all a workplace where nothing shouldn't distract from the process. Fun stationery, notebooks, a small plant in a pot next to the table or above it can decorate and enrich the workplace. It's useful to separate the child's workplace from computer desk. Otherwise homework inevitably will be moved to the second place.

Young children are often compared with sponge that soaks everything with no filtration of positive and negative. The objective of each loving parents is to create an atmosphere in which their child could become a positive successful person.

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