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Safety skills

It is important that children and young people develop personal safety skills
from structured personal safety program. Safety course develops personal safety
skills that can be used by children, young people and adults to keep them safe
at all times. 
Theme 1: We all have the right to feel safe all the time

As part of our Safety program we learned all about safe and unsafe
environments, responsibilities coming with rights, and yes and no situations.
The students had the opportunity to discuss all of these situations. We explore
this theme in detail, carefully looking at the connection between rights and
responsibilities. We also take the concepts of blame and punishment out of
commonly held ideas associated with responsibilities. Instead, we focus on the
'ability to respond' contained within the meaning of the word. The
difference between having a responsibility for ourselves and to others is also
examined. Next we discover for ourselves the difference between feeling safe,
fun to feel scared (adventurousness), risking on purpose (which may not feel
like fun but we still have choice) and feeling unsafe.

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