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Baseball At UMCA


Baseball is one of six units in our exciting Physical Education program. It involves 9 players in the field and 9 or more up to bat. Players are pitched a baseball and they try to hit it with a bat. Each team is allowed 3 outs per inning and each player is allowed 3 strikes or 4 balls at each batting turn. 

At UMCA our students receive a thorough six week intensified learning environment beginning with the fundamentals of throwing a baseball. In the first week, students are introduced to five introductory drills detailing the proper form of throwing a baseball and the proper technique of catching a baseball. Details such as throwing accuracy, keeping your eyes on the target, turning your hips when throwing the baseball, keeping your eyes on the baseball when catching and turning your throwing hand before implementing the throwing action are all emphasized daily.  

Weeks two and three emphasize the fundamentals of hitting. Here the students are introduced to seven different hitting drills surrounding the proper form of hitting a baseball. Throughout these drills students are encouraged to keep their feet shoulder width apart, hold the bat firmly (not tight), be able to point both pointer fingers in the same direction, hold their bat up (like they are listening to a telephone), bend their knees, keep both elbows away from their body and without moving their hands/arms, move their hips and bring their back foot up on the ball of their foot while the heel comes off the ground and their front foot pivots. Complete the swing by treating the end of the bat like a flashlight pointed at the ball, as they continue to swing level to the ground, through the ball, head down on the ball, with the bat finishing on their back. Students will also began every class during weeks two and three with reviewing the basic drills of throwing and catching a baseball from week one.

Weeks four to six encompass the applications of all these drills, in addition to, critical thinking, within in a game format. Evaluations occur at the end of each week and are based on the knowledge and understanding, application, communication and critical thinking of the curriculum taught throughout the week.

For most of our students baseball is a new sport. By the end of this unit, baseball has become a new favourite sport.    

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