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Workshop with Victoria Prooday for Grades 2-6

Students spend 2 years in the Kindergarten, 12 years in School, and at least 4 years in University. After investing 18 valuable years of their lives, students graduate lacking fundamental life skills. After 18 years of education, students don't know how to understand and control their own emotions, how to build relationships with others, how to be empathetic and most to overcome life's challenges and how to achieve HAPPINESS!

UMCA Rich Tree Academy is happy to invite Victoria to a workshop, which this time will be for the students and not for the parents. Victoria will be with our grades 2-6 students on Tuesday March 27, from 3:00pm-4:00pm.

Victoria Prooday teaches these Emotional Intelligence skills to children as young as 6-years-old. Within 6 sessions, children are able to teach their parents and friends all about happiness, emotions, self regulation, and empathy. Victoria teaches Emotional Intelligence skills to parents who realized that after years of education, they have difficulty understanding and connecting with their own child. These skills are teachable, but we need to change our mindset.  No diploma or university degree will bring us happiness unless we are able to understand and deal with emotions, connect in an empathetic ways to others, including our own children. Please check the following link to Victoria’s lecture on Emotional Intelligence and ways to improve it in parents and children: It is never too late to improve our emotional intelligence skills, but the earlier, the better!


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