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Session by Victoria Prooday Our Students Had

Dear Parents

Our students had an exciting session by Victoria Prooday yesterday. Victoria shared with our students that life is an obstacle course game. Each one of us has a choice of running away from challenges/obstacles or dealing with challenges. By facing the challenges, we become stronger and more resilient.

Victoria discussed with the students that one of the life's obstacles is taking on responsibilities. Each one of us has responsibilities as a family member, as a student and as a citizen. Victoria explained to the students the value of self-discipline for success in life.  Victoria shared with the students research studies that prove the value of doing chores in strengthening self-discipline. Children who do chores at a young age have better work ethics skills which help them become successful adults. Victoria encouraged students to take on more responsibilities at home and discussed various ways to achieve that.   

Victoria discussed with students the importance of technology-free down time and explained them how the brain works and what impact overuse of technology has on their brain. Here are some of her suggestions:

- avoid using screens first thing in the morning as it has a negative impact on eyes and brain 

- avoid using technology an hour before bedtime as the brain needs the time to calm down before bed

- avoid using technology during meals as it is a social time to reconnect with parents

- avoid sleeping with phones next to the bed as it disrupts sleep

- recommended entertainment technology time is 1-2 hours a day

Here is a great Ted talk talking about the key factor for success in life that Victoria referenced to in her session:

Thank you,

UMCA Administration


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